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    Jinyun enterprises to take the road of ecological development


    Washington (reporter correspondent Zhu Haiyang Shi Luyi Zhu Yinggui) more energy, more safe and more efficient." Recently, the production workshop in Jinyun Shifeng Machinery Co. Ltd. electrophoretic line, the production department is responsible for Lv Ronghe of the formal operation of biomass combustion furnace was appreciated, from the test run for 14 months, the wood burning stove into biomass furnace, reduce all kinds of loss, improve the product quality, but also to achieve 7% growth in export delivery value.

    Wood burning cost 580 yuan per day, the biomass furnace is only 307 yuan, two production lines for a year, roughly 150 days. Lv Ronghe breaking up with the fingers of energy-saving accounts, the calculation of the cost, the use of biomass stoves can save at least 80 thousand yuan a year."

    Not only that, instead of a biomass combustion furnace, not only has the uniform temperature, automatic control etc., and biomass fuel in the combustion process of "zero emissions", that is, no slag smokeless, no harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide emissions close to zero. Jinyun County, the person in charge of the letter, Jinyun has 18 enterprises in the application of biomass burning stoves, the number of the city's first.

    Since 2013, Jinyun County continued promotion of advanced energy-saving technology, the implementation of annual energy savings of more than 500 tons of 6 large projects, screened 32 energy saving technology and product promotion directory, increases energy consumption and pollution remediation, shutting down paper-making, electroplating enterprises 5, 7 small and medium-sized enterprises forced industry transformation and upgrading.

    In Jinyun, such as "social machinery has a lot of love" of enterprises. Fine Aluminum Co. Ltd. invested about 30000000 yuan to complete the "oil to gas" and circulating water renovation project, and built a new automatic lifting operation type quenching furnace, allow enterprises to become Jinyun "energy saving and environmental protection model". "The capacity increases, the quenching time is shortened, the product performance is more stable." Yao Hongyue, deputy general manager of fine aluminum, a year to complete the quenching process products 2800 tons, compared to the same period last year, reduced to 201 tons of coal. The cost is reduced, the effect of saving water and energy saving is obvious, the annual saving of 5 million yuan of funds. Exquisite aluminum transformation to break, to achieve the ecological, social and economic benefits of the three jump". By the end of 10 this year, the company's sales value of yuan, up 20%.

    Green development of clean energy. With the construction of natural gas pipeline network, the use of natural gas companies in Jinyun increased year by year, the county's 12 companies to complete the first natural gas transformation.

    Before the three quarter, Jinyun industrial comprehensive energy consumption per ton of standard coal, down 2519, free space 10.4% tons of standard coal; chemical oxygen demand reduction of 40 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 50 tons, the above indicators are among the forefront of the city.

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